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How do I send coins to people??

To send coins use the chat command "/send [steam64id] [amount]".

For example, to send 100 coins to steam64id 76561198160884702 you'd type "/send 76561198160884702 100".".

Alternatively right click the person's avatar in chat and select "Send coins.

To find your steam64id you can use sites like

How do I get more coins? Can I have free coins??

Coins are obtained by depositing CS:GO skins. If you've used up the free 100 coins you'll need to make a deposit to get more..

DO NOT contact support asking for coins.

How do I generate a referral code?

To generate your own referral code please visit the affiliates page located here. affiliates.

I accepted the trade offer but never got coins!?

After accepting the trade offer you must wait a few minutes and you'll receive the coins. If you don't get your coins directly then please wait a few minutes. Write a support ticket only if you still haven't got your coins after 2 hours.

Error when sending trade offer. Mobile Verification not enabled or Steam Lagging.

Possible solutions:
- Wait 7 days after you active your Steam Mobile Verification.
- Make your Steam Profile & Inventory public..
- Check if the trade url you set is correct.
- Check if steam isn't delayed. Steam Status
If you are sure that none of these reasons are the problem then please retry a few times in a different hour.

I keep getting "connection lost..."!

Please do the following points and then try:
- Please do the following points and then try.
- Clear your browser cookies and cache.
- Restart your router.
Then please start refreshing the site until you suddenly get connected.
You need more help? Send a ticket to support